Red Jasper Films makes historic and biographical feature films and documentaries covering the history of 1960’s music, Negro league baseball in the 40’s to the sociopolitical history of Cuba. Our focus: The untold stories of empowered women

Red Jasper Films is a production company helmed by Laura Archibald, making historic and biographically oriented feature films and documentaries. Our eclectic catalogue includes films that cover the history 1960’s music, to Negro league baseball in the 40’s - and the sociopolitical history of Cuba through the eyes of an outsider. Our new slate seeks to tell the untold stories of empowered women.

Our Titles: ALL Ready For Production On Release Optioned

Effa Manley crossed her legs, looked inside the baseball stadium, and saw freedom! Men underestimated her. Women felt intimidated. Yet, as this story on her life shows, Effa Manley - a female maverick in the world of Negro League Baseball, and the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame - took her vision far beyond the baseball stadium.

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Max Campbell’s routine life is disrupted when his dream job as tennis instructor (he was very good in his day) is threatened by the uprising of pickleball. His former life as an early adapter has all but disappeared and he refuses to accept the winds of change in the sports world.  Max needs to grow and pickleball is the perfect fertilizer.

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Our Mary in Havana

Mary McCarthy fell in love with the people of Cuba. Hers is a story that bears witness to the complicated history of a country and the unchanging spirit of a dedicated soul who failed in the literal sense, but succeeded metaphorically in her goal of outliving Castro. A 'riches to rags' story of an interloper who becomes the denizen.

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Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation

Greenwich Village:  Music that Defined a Generaton is the amazing untold story about the very people whose music helped change the world. 

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The Ladies of Laurel Canyon

Four ladies, all lightning rods of the LA late sixties music scene, are old friends and love rivals, who haven't seen each other since 1972, until one of them emails everyone calling for a weekend reunion to be held at her Laurel Canyon house. She is surprised when they all say they'll attend, last time they got together was on the the week of their old friend Savvy's funeral.

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Greenwich Village - New York City. 1960-66. A constantly evolving scene. In the clubs, folk dens, basement bars and coffee houses radical music emerges. Movers, shakers. A time of revolt. The soundtrack, reflecting transformation, eclecticism, winds of change!

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The Cats of Grand Central Station

1964 in New York's Grand Central Station had developed an escalating RAT situation calling for a team of twelve rescued cats to do the job of driving out the unwanted rodents from the grand old terminal... As you probably suspected, the mammal did not meet the end humans expected, but the Cats had fun, as they Ruled the Tracks of the station, dining on Oysters below the stars under the ceiling's constellation! Alas their luck was minimal and Cats soon meowed in pain, as it was plain that once again, they were booted, banished from the station, "on the run" in search of absolution from their Humane Society frustrations!

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