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Sacha had produced a number of music videos before undertaking a production attachment at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, stepping into his first production role as a ‘runner’ on the feature film ‘Dangerous Game’ (1988) and producing his first TV Show, a rap music documentary for SBS (1989).

A myriad music videos, and TV commercials later (1990’s); he goes on to manage major events, large-scale TV productions and live concerts for television networks in America – mostly for MTV Networks.

Sacha joins the Producer’s Post Graduate at Melbourne’s VCA School of Film and Television, produces a number of award-winning short films, and goes onto a yearlong Screen Australia and Film Victoria funded internship to Los Angeles, working under iconic American Producer Don Murphy, and at Mark Cuban’s short lived but celebrated mini-studio ‘2929’, under sales & acquisitions executive extraordinaire, Shebnem Askin, among other Hollywood film professionals.

Sacha returns to Australia and begins developing screenplays while working on various ‘bread and butter’ short take commercial productions, partially distracted but working with partners and collaborators to stay focused on consolidating a slate of feature projects.

In 2015 Sacha joins the Vedado Films team and produces the youth culture documentary ‘Habana 16’ in Cuba. Going on to lay the foundation for the company’s filmed entertainment division alongside renowned Mexican filmmaker Gabriel Beristain, Vedado Film’s President.

Vedado Films has now developed an exciting slate of screen titles and begun production, including recently completed feature film ‘Havana Kyrie’ starring Franco Nero and Ron Perlman, a feature length documentary currently in post-production and the pilot for a 10 part series shooting late in 2020. And also embarking on a number of new projects like the upcoming feature ‘The House of Abraham Phillips’, to be shot in Wales and helmed by Gabriel Beristain.

Projects involving Sacha Rodríguez

Darkness Rises

Can the inhabitants of a Fracking Outpost in the bush get away before the sound of an Alien Demon breaking into our dimension tears through the fabric of their souls?

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Habana Sixteen

HABANA SIXTEEN  is set in the Caribbean island nation of Cuba – Where growing up with embargoes, rations and a city frozen in the 1950s haven’t stopped it’s youth from chasing their own dreams or forging burgeoning music, dance and skate scenes.

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